Einstein’s ‘E=mc2’ was the fundamental equation of the 20th century…
It sparked a paradigm shift in how we looked at physics and allowed us to unlock the power of the atom.
We wondered if we could use the same basic concept to solve one of the problems still facing humankind at the start of the 21st century.

Einstein’s insight was that energy was a function of mass…
We think the energy needed to make a real impact on sexual abuse will take the community working together en masse.

Harnessing the energy of the community by switching to a community-funded model will more than double our impact – its effect will be exponential, allowing us to integrate community involvement and education into our everyday work!

Abuse is a crime against community…

Sexual abuse is not just a crime against individuals, but against society itself – therefore we need to tackle it as a community.

Sexual abuse ruins lives, shatters families and erodes communities.
The time taken for the recent wave of celebrity abuse scandals to come to light has shown us that we can’t leave sorting out sexual abuse to others.
Doing nothing is no longer an option – we all have a part to play…

We are Mankind and we want to see a world where no one is silenced by sexual violence.

We have been providing counselling for male survivors of sexual abuse since 2000. Now we want to develop resources that can work alongside this primary service to help us to work as a community to tackle the 3 big questions:

1. How do we talk to our children about sexual abuse?

2. What can we do if someone tells us that they have been/ are being sexually abused?

3. What should we do if we suspect sexual abuse is happening?

Mankind has a proven track record of helping men  – but this is not enough on its own…

We can only help survivors when they come to us so we need your help in creating a community where male survivors feel safe to talk about the abuse they have suffered & come forward for help…

1. Tell us what you think would help: Whether you’ve ever experienced any form of sexual violation yourself or not, knowing more about your expectations and fears around disclosing or hearing other people disclose abuse will help us develop real world resources that will help male survivors to speak out earlier by creating a community that is confident and comfortable in listening:

– Fill out our C2 survey to tell us what you think & suggest ideas of what could be done.

– Read the C2 project leaflet to find out more about our Community Squared initiative.

2. Start the discussion, challenge the stereotypes: One of the most powerful things you can do is to simply start talking about the issue. Take some time to look at the reality of sexual abuse and use this to challenge the stereotypes whenever & wherever you come across them.

– ‘Like’ or ‘share’ this page using the buttons below or email the URL out to your networks to raise awareness of the issue.

3. Donate: Pledging as little as £3 a month would help free us up to focus all our effort on tackling sexual abuse rather than chasing funding just £3 a month from 3,000 people would cover our operating costs.